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Like a heart attack, a stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is reduced or stopped, depriving that area of oxygen.

One common cause includes blockage from a clot in blood vessels supplying the brain, or from a disease such as arteriosclerosis that has caused a narrowing of those vessels. This reduction in blood flow results in an ischemic stroke. Another common cause happens when blood supply is reduced by a leaking vessel in the brain, resulting in a hemorrhagic stroke.

As experts in designing tailored exercise plans for individuals with a variety of medical conditions, our physical therapists can help reduce risk factors and reverse their effects by creating an exercise program that addresses multiple conditions as well as prevention. Recovering from a stroke depends on its size and location, how quickly you receive care, and, in some cases, other pre-existing health conditions. Rehabilitation begins very soon after your stroke, and our physical therapists are an important part of the recovery team.

After an evaluation, our physical therapist will develop an individualized plan to maximize your quality of life. The plan will address your ability to move, any pain you may have, and ways to prevent problems that can occur after a stroke. The main focus is to help you return to your highest level of activity.

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