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  • I recommend Comprehensive Orthopedic Physical Therapy for anyone in search of a good therapist. George Gendy is an excellent therapist. He listens to the patient's concerns and gives a thorough examination. He shows compassion, and encourages his patients to be optomistic about their condition. He has chosen an excellent staff, friendly and courteous. I was facing a three level cervical fusion and was in terrible pain when I first came for therapy. I am now pain free without surgery. He has given me the option to explore some other alternatives for the future without having to rush into serious back surgery. Thanks to George's dedication I won't have to postpone my trip to visit my disabled father.

    Betsy E.
    Betsy E. (Somerset, NJ)
  • My experience was great. They focused on the problem and made it quite clear what needed to be done. My pain is significantly reduced and my mobility is renewed. The atmosphere was pleasant, the therapists are ever vigilant and the staff is courteous to our needs and well being. I was a client of Comprehensive for several different areas in need of physical therapy and was never disappointed with the results. I recommend this facility highly to anyone who needs therapy and really wants to see and feel results.

    Diane C.
    Diane C. (Somerset, NJ)
  • Serious back surgery left me very limited in my activities and in constant pain. After working with George Gendy and the caring, competent professionals at COPT I am now able to bike, ski and run again. There were no 'quick fixes,' or bold claims. Just excellent care and deep experience in how to get me back to the life I had...something surgery was only the beginning of. I cannot say enough about George's skills and ability to adapt physical therapy to the needs of each patient. I would recommend COPT and George to anyone who has tried other practices without results.

    Steven D.
    Steven D. (Chatham, NJ)

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